Rechtsanwalt (m/w/d) im Bereich Bau- und Architektenrecht
Rechtsanwalt (m/w/d) im öffentlichen Wirtschaftsrecht und Energierecht
Rechtsanwalt (m/w/d) in den Bereichen IT/Datenschutz

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Choose a career where the teams are strong and the colleagues are receptive, where development opportunities are tailor-made and career opportunities are realistic. We are always interested in meeting outstanding talents who would like to actively shape their careers. Find out more about GSK Stockmann, your career opportunities and what our guiding principle is all about: Your perspective.

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To ensure your successful career, we focus on developing your potential. We offer you individual development perspectives with appropriate training provided through the GSK Academy. Take a look at our extensive offer.

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Learn more about the reasons why our employees enjoy and value their work at GSK Stockmann. Gain an insight into our law firm and learn from our colleagues about what it means to work independently at a high level.

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  • GSK Updates
    20 February 2024

    Jurisdiction Agreements in Domestic Contracts: Landmark Ruling from the European Court of Justice

    Take a look at our latest GSK Update on the ECJ’s decision Inkreal s.r.o. v Dúha reality s.r.o.dated 8 February 2024 regarding jurisdiction agreements within the European Un...

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  • GSK Updates
    19 February 2024

    EU Digital Services Act comes into force

    The Digital Services Act has just come into force, harmonising the obligations of online service providers across the EU.

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  • GSK Updates
    15 February 2024

    Modernisation of German Arbitration Law

    Take a look at our latest GSK Update on the draft bill presented on 1 February 2024 by the German Federal Ministry of Justice regarding the modernisation of German arbitration l...

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Marie Steidl and Viviane Ullrich: Your contacts at GSK Stockmann

Your contacts.

If we piqued your interest in GSK Stockmann and you would like to find out more about your career and development opportunities, we would be happy to answer your enquiry personally.

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